Sterilants, Wraps, Pouches, UltraSonic Tabs, Monitors

Dental Planet has great prices on the Sterilization Supplies you need, including Sterilants, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Trays, Packaging, Monitoring and much more and great prices.

INSTRUMENT CARE AND CLEANING:  Dental Planet carries all your detergents and Enzyme rises and washes, sprays and foam sprays cleaners.

MISC:  Sterrad NX System Cassette Collection Box, instrument count sheet, and Thermal print paper.

MONITORING:  If you're looking for Biological indicators for steam or EO, Sterigage, and Bowie-Dick test systems. Biological monitoring, mail-in monitoring. Incubators' biological indicators.

PACKING SUPPLIES:  CSR wraps like Medicoms Safeseal Quattro Sterilization pouches, and Crosstex's CSR sterilization wraps are just a few of the many heat-sealed, self-sealed, pouches and CSR wraps Dental Planet carries at great prices.

STERILANTS:  Sterrad sterilant cassette, Sporozx II Solution in Gallon bottles is out the top seller for this category. Dental Planet also has 3M Comply Gluteraldehydes monitors and Cidex activated Dialdehyde.  We also have Cidex OPA Solutions and test strips, or Metres Metricide OPA plus.  As well as Metres Metritest Glutaraldehyde test strips.

TRAYS/CONTAINERS:   Dental Planet carries Universally compatible Instrument soak trays, Sultan Prosoak Sterilizing, and Disinfecting tray. Tech-Med Instrument trays in multiple sizes and stainless steel, multiple sizes.

ULTRASONIC CLEANING:  If you looking for Ultrasonic cleaners we have Certol Good Vibrations multi-purpose ultrasonic detergent or Crosstex's Crosszyme, Efferzyme cleaners.  As well as L&R Barrier Milk cleaning solution and L&R Ultradose Germicidal ultrasonic concentrate cleaner.  Sultan Ultrasonic tablets or Sultans Pro-Sonic Accessories, Beakers and Baskets.   Brandmax Tri clean basket Sultan Pro-Sonic and Resurge cleaners.