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Autoclaves and Sterilizer

Dental Planet has great prices on the Sterilization Supplies you need, including Sterilants, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Trays, Packaging, Monitoring and much more and great prices.

INSTRUMENT CARE AND CLEANING:  Dental Planet carries all your detergents and Enzyme rises and washes, sprays and foam sprays cleaners.

Detergents: Dental Planet has many detergents to choose from for your instruments such as, BD cartwash detergent, BD Dual Enzyme Instrument Detergent, Certol ProCleanse Instrument Detergent, Certol Pro EZ Enzyme detergents, Certol rinses and washes in concentrated detergents, Complete solutions scope-Enzyme Detergent, Covidien EndoSopic AntiFog Solutions, Hydrox Hydro-Zyme detergent and Halyard Multi Enzyme Detergent or Mico-Sciences Detergents.

Disinfectants: Dental Planet offers BD Germicidal Solutions or BSN Medical Plastic washing solutions

Lubricants:  To prolong the life of your instruments, it is recommended lubricating often after cleaning your instruments. Dental planet has BD Instrument lubricants, or Certols ProLube Lubricant concentrate, Complete Solution Lubricate or Micro-Science's Instrument Lubricant.

Misc:  Dental Planet also offers 3M Attest auto reader or 3M Comply instrument protectors.  BD Presoak Instrument spray, Complete Solutions Medi sheen Foam Spray,  Enznyme Industries Blood Buster  or sani-soak Ultra, and Sani-Treet Plus.  Halyards Instrushield instrument tip protectors, and L&R Plaster and sstone remover, tarter and stain and permanent cement remover.  L&R Ultradose tarter and stain remover powder, as well as Tidi Durawick prep mat for Ultrasonic tool cleaning.

Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner
52.00 52.00 52.0 USD