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Dental Planet has great prices on the sterilization supplies you need, including Biological Indicatiors steam or EO, Incubator Biological Indicators and Record Keeping.


BIOLGICAL INDICATORS:  We offer Biological Monitor Service Confirm 3 Strip System Test and Biological Monitor Service steam Indicator are our besting selling items in this category. But we also Have 3M Attest Bio Indicator and Test Packs for steam and EO or 3M Attest Ethylene Oxide test packs for steam and EO and Starter kits.  3M Comply(Sterigage) or Chemical, Gas Plasma Chemical and Bowie-Dick test systems for EO or Steam.  As well as, Certol Procheck Steam Integators.  Crosstex offers In-Office Biological monitoring, Confirm Record Keeper and Dry Block Indicator, steam biological Indicators. If you prefer to mail in Crosstex also offers mail-in monitoring services and Crosstex steam plus Integators, test strips and mail-in monitoring. For variety we also have Healthlink-Clorox Bowie-Dick test and EZ test kits

INCUBATORS:  3M Attest Biological Indicators or Unico Incubators.

RECORD KEEPING: 3M Attest Products and 3M Comply Record System Products.