Dental Planet has your safety in mind, check out all the Safety and Emergency items we have to offer at great low prices.

CPR:  We offer Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs (some states it is the law to have AED medical devices in office), Zoll CPR Connectors, Demo Kits, and Real CPR help travel trainer. ADC Adsafe CPR Pocket Resuscitator's, carrying case, FM kit, ResQCPR systems, ResQGARD I TD systems, and manikit for training.


ResQCPR™ Carrying Case
69.00 69.00 69.0 USD
Zoll Ipr Products/ResQPOD® ITD 10
114.00 114.00 114.0 USD
Zoll Resqpod® Itd 16
128.00 128.00 128.0 USD
Zoll CPR Demo Kits - CPR Demo Manikin
244.00 244.00 244.0 USD
Zoll CPR Connector
324.00 324.00 324.0 USD
Zoll CPR Demo Kits - AED Plus ® Demo
484.00 484.00 484.0 USD
Zoll Real CPR Help Travel Trainer
484.00 484.00 484.0 USD
AED Plus Package
1,498.00 1,498.00 1498.0 USD