Supply Hoses And Hose Assemblies

Make sure your nitrous oxide system is running as efficiently as possible by installing new supply hoses or hose assemblies from Dental Planet. By installing new hoses, you can make sure your patients are getting the best and safest care possible. Learn more about how these products play an important role as air hoses for dental services and when it’s time to upgrade your system with new hoses or hose assemblies.

Checking for Nitrous Tubing Wear and Tear

Your dental nitrous tubing will naturally wear out over time, even though it might not be apparent right away. It’s important to inspect your dental suction hoses and the overall hose assembly on your nitrous oxide system during your routine Preventive Maintenance (PM) checklists and schedules to make sure that everything is still in good shape. Start with a visual inspection, looking for any worn parts, holes, tears or cracks in the tubes. Make sure the tubes are properly connected and inspect the hose assembly for any damage. Start up the system to check that no bubbling occurs or air escapes from the nitrous oxide tubing, especially at the connection points. Double check gauges to make sure the air is flowing at the correct rate. 

Affordable Replacement Nitrous Oxide Hoses

If you discover any issues with wear and tear, it’s time to look for replacement parts. This is an easy, efficient and affordable way to maintain your nitrous oxide system for many years, especially if you make replacements before a malfunction occurs. Our selection of nitrous oxide tubing and hose assemblies includes a variety of sizes, lengths and styles to fit your system. We offer a number of different accessories suit your needs, whether you’re looking for oxygen hoses, connection parts, complete assemblies or couplers. Browse through these high-quality, low-cost dental parts and accessories to get exactly what you need for reliable, safe nitrous delivery.

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