Veterinary Equipment

Outfit your veterinary practice with affordable equipment from Dental Planet. Although we specialize in dental equipment for humans, we also offer veterinary equipment for sale. That includes veterinary dental supplies along with other must-haves for exam rooms and vet labs, such as digital imaging equipment, endoscopy systems and vital signs monitors. Whether your practice specializes in traditional home pets, exotic animals or equine and bovine patients, you’ll find an impressive selection of vet equipment when you shop on our site.

Quality Veterinary Equipment for Sale

At Dental Planet, we’ve made it easy to discover just what you need by placing all of our veterinary equipment into handy categories. When it’s time to add important essentials to your vet offices, check our selection of carts, stools, lighting, exam tables and veterinary cabinetry. Tend to the dental health of your animal patients with new and used veterinary dental equipment, such as veterinary dental delivery units, curing lights and endodontics units. We carry equipment for specialized services like digital imaging, endoscopy and sterilization. Ultrasonic cleaners are an important piece of equipment needed by vets to maintain a safe, hygienic environment. These and other sub-categories make it easy to outfit your practice with important vet equipment.

Save Money with Used Veterinary Equipment

If your budget is limited, consider shopping for certified pre-owned equipment at Dental Planet. We offer second-hand vet equipment that has been fully refurbished so that it looks and performs like new. This is a smart way to save money without sacrificing the quality of care that you provide. However, even our new veterinary equipment is available at competitive prices, making it easier to get all the equipment you need without going over your budget. Shop at Dental Planet today to find quality veterinary equipment at affordable prices.


ICW Ultra 510 Pole Mount
549.00 549.00 549.0 USD
TPC Ultrasonic Cleaner 10.6 qt
864.00 864.00 864.0 USD
TPC Ultrasonic Cleaner 3.8 qt
454.00 454.00 454.0 USD
Midmark M7 Speedclave
1,698.00 1,698.00 1698.0 USD
Tuttnauer 2340M Autoclave (9" x 18")
2,598.00 2,598.00 2598.0 USD
Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave (10" x 18")
2,998.00 2,998.00 2998.0 USD
Tuttnauer 2540MK Autoclave (10" x 18")
3,298.00 3,298.00 3298.0 USD