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Whenever you're looking for equipment for your veterinary practice, remember that DP Health is the premier online source for used medical equipment sales, including a wide variety of brand-name and refurbished veterinary equipment. Specifically, we always have dozens of veterinary exam tables available for you to choose from, with a variety of in-demand features, brands and sizes as well, ideal for transport, grooming, and surgical needs.

Our veterinary exam tables, procedure tables, cabinets and crash carts offer a cost-effective way to equip your office without sacrificing quality. Not only can you save up to 60% on your equipment costs, but every item in our catalog goes through a rigorous inspection process. We always test all mechanical elements before listing an item, and when necessary, repair or replace all components to the manufacturer's specifications. Next, we test all electrical systems for proper function and safety. Finally, we understand that professional appearance is crucial for our customers, and we meticulously restore every item with new paint and upholstery, often allowing customers to choose the color and style to match their needs.

DP Health has basic stainless steel mobile utility carts, gurneys, and transport tables, as well as all the latest veterinary exam tables, with electric, hydraulic foot pumps, and battery pack options. We have exam tables with attached drawers for equipment and accessories, as well as veterinary wet tables for operations, grooming and dipping treatments. And in addition to exam tables and crash carts, we also offer convenient combination packages, like combination stainless steel gurneys and anesthesia machines perfect for transporting dogs, cats, pigs, non-human primates, and a variety of other animals.

We invite you to browse our online catalog of new, used and refurbished veterinary equipment, including autoclaves and sterilizers, carts, equine equipment, lasers, lighting, veterinary cabinetry, X-ray systems, and more.

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