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Which X-ray Machine is right for me?

General practitioner: A standard 2D panorex will provide all of the imaging requirements needed for such treatments as caries detection, diagnosis of TMJ issues, OPG images, and images of the patients entire detention in a dental x-ray.

Orthodontist: Requires a way to obtain the size and form of craniofacial structures in the patient. For this reason, a cephalometric extension on the imaging x-ray device is necessary to acquire images that evaluate the five components of the face.

Endodontic and Implant Treatment: A CBCT machine is the most practical method of providing the doctor with diagnostic tools such as mandibular canal location, surgical guides, and pre-surgical treatment planning with the assistance of powerful 3D dental software applications.

Excerpted from Choosing the Best X-ray Machine.

Dental Planet is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of X-ray equipment, parts and accessories to meet your needs.

ScanX Intraoral Digital Scanner
7,498.00 6,373.30 6373.3 USD
7,598.00 7,066.14 7066.14 USD
Carestream (Kodak) Digital Film Scanner CR7400
8,998.00 7,648.30 7648.3 USD
Corix 70 Plus KVP X-ray
2,998.00 2,788.14 2788.14 USD
Acteon X-Mind Unity Intraoral X Ray
4,498.00 4,183.14 4183.14 USD
Gendex 770
3,298.00 2,803.30 2803.3 USD
Progeny JB-70 X-ray
3,698.00 3,143.30 3143.3 USD
Belmont 096 X-ray
3,298.00 2,803.30 2803.3 USD
Instrumentarium FOCUS™ Intraoral X-ray
3,098.00 2,633.30 2633.3 USD
Owandy-RX Intraoral X-ray system
3,498.00 3,253.14 3253.14 USD
Belmont Belray II Intra-oral X-ray
3,598.00 3,058.30 3058.3 USD

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Gendex Expert DC Periapical X-ray
3,398.00 2,888.30 2888.3 USD
Belmont PHOT-X II Periapical X Ray
3,398.00 2,888.30 2888.3 USD

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SuperVista Digital Intraoral Camera
598.00 556.14 556.14 USD
Acteon Sopro 617 Intraoral Camera
1,498.00 1,393.14 1393.14 USD
Acteon Sopro 717 First Intraoral Camera
4,098.00 3,811.14 3811.14 USD
Acteon SoproLife Intraoral Diagnostic Camera
4,498.00 4,183.14 4183.14 USD
Acteon SoproCare Intraoral Diagnostic Camera
4,498.00 4,183.14 4183.14 USD
AdvanceCAM USB Direct Intraoral Camera
608.00 608.00 608.0 USD