Digital Scanners | Phosphor Imaging Plates

Get the most accurate X-rays with the assistance of a digital scanner from Dental Planet. Our selection of digital imaging equipment includes a wide variety of systems that can be used to upgrade or replace your current dental X-ray scanner setup. In addition, you’ll find a number of phosphor imaging plates that can be used for dental X-ray imaging purposes. If you want your dental practice to provide superior diagnostic digital imaging, upgrading to this advanced equipment will help you expand your X-ray capabilities and provide even better results for your patients. Provide the best care possible when you choose from this selection of dental X-ray scanners and plates.

Benefits of Phosphor Plates

Dental practices need quality X-ray imaging equipment in order to accurately diagnose and effectively treat their patients. If your current imaging system is not meeting your needs as a dental care provider, consider using phosphor imaging plates from Dental Planet. These plates are used as part of a digital imaging system known as a dental phosphor plate scanner. This type of scanner is known for its convenience, versatility and accuracy, which helps you to make sure your patients get the best care for their dental needs. 

Phosphor plates are about as thin as a business card and completely wireless, making it easier to get the images you need from any angle without causing discomfort to the patient. The plates capture rich images, which are then processed with a scanner, where they can be seen in great detail. Because individual plates can be used hundreds of times, it’s a solid investment for transitioning dental imaging capabilities from traditional film-based X-rays at your practice.

Digital X-Ray Scanners

Dental professionals also need to upgrade their scanner when they make the switch to dental digital radiography phosphor plates. In order to use these phosphor imaging plates, you’ll need a digital dental phosphor plate scanner. Dental care providers find that these scanners offer a simplified option for transitioning to digital imaging or complementing a wired sensor system. These dental phosphor plate scanners are compact and user-friendly, so they’re easy to implement in any space. Check out our complete collection to find quality equipment and supplies for dental X-rays from trusted brands like ScanX, 3D Dental and Acteon.


Owandy CR2 Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner
5,698.00 5,698.00 5698.0 USD
NIVO Digital Plate, Soredex Type
53.00 53.00 53.0 USD
Dentamerica Apixia PSP Scanner
7,598.00 7,598.00 7598.0 USD