Digital Sensors

Take your dental services to the next level with digital sensors from Dental Planet. These handheld X-ray sensors are able to produce high-quality digital images. When using this type of sensor, dental practice staff can quickly and easily obtain the images they need for diagnostic and treatment purposes. It’s a simpler alternative to traditional film X-rays that many modern dental practices have eagerly embraced in recent years. Learn more about dental sensors and get tips on how to choose the best type of sensor for your needs.

What Is a Dental Sensor?

A digital intraoral sensor is a small device that is used to capture X-ray images. Instead of donning a heavy vest to protect against radiation and being situated in a large, intimidating machine, patients can remain in their chair while the sensor is inserted. The sensors are designed with rounded edges to be as comfortable as possible, and the sensor only has to be in place for a matter of seconds. While patients appreciate the easier X-ray experience, dentists love that digital X-ray images can be viewed more quickly than film X-rays which need time to develop. In addition, the digital images produced are easier to store and share as needed, and the enhanced images assist in enhanced diagnostics.

Types of Digital Dental Sensors

There are a number of features to consider when selecting dental sensors for your practice. Many dentists keep a few different sensor sizes on hand to accommodate different patients and diagnostic needs. Check out what type of imaging software is recommended for each sensor and whether that software comes with the purchase of the sensor. If digital X-ray sensor price is a concern, look for refurbished options to save money. It’s also essential to choose dental sensors from a trusted brand, such as Kodak, Polaroid, Acteon or RVG dental X-ray sensors. Find these and other reputable brands when you shop for dental X-ray equipment at Dental Planet.

Acteon SOPIX² Intraoral Digital Sensor Size 1
6,198.00 6,198.00 6198.0 USD
Acteon SOPIX² Intraoral Digital Sensor Size 2
7,998.00 7,998.00 7998.0 USD
Dentimax Digital Sensors
2,998.00 2,998.00 2998.0 USD
Dentimax Two Sensor Bundle
9,498.00 9,498.00 9498.0 USD
Dentimax Three Sensor Bundle
13,998.00 13,998.00 13998.0 USD
InstaRay Dental Sensor Size 1
3,098.00 3,098.00 3098.0 USD
InstaRay Size 2
4,098.00 4,098.00 4098.0 USD
Owandy Opteo Intra Oral X-ray Sensor
3,198.00 3,198.00 3198.0 USD
5,098.00 5,098.00 5098.0 USD
Dentimax Versaray Sensor Positioning Kit
148.00 148.00 148.0 USD
Dentimax Native Capture Module
499.00 499.00 499.0 USD