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      With 38 years of medical and dental experience HDX WILL is here to change the industry.  As a manufacturer of X-rays they offer continued support and education to get the most out of your products.

      Intraoral Scanners | 3D Printing

      Tap into one of the most incredible advancements in digital dentistry with intraoral scanners from Dental Planet. This type of device makes it easier than ever to obtain optical impressions for your patients. Intraoral scanners can also capture 3D images, which help to produce better diagnostics and improved results from procedures and treatments. Learn more about why you need an intraoral scanner for your dental practice or clinic and how you can save by purchasing a refurbished scanner from Dental Planet.

      Benefits of Intraoral Scanners

      There are a number of reasons more and more dentists are switching to intraoral scanners. It saves time for both the patients and staff, and there’s no radiation emitted during the scanning process. It’s also more comfortable for patients, especially those who typically struggle with a gag reflex when getting a dental impression taken. Intraoral scanners also help to streamline the process of taking impressions. It is easy to take multiple impressions in case initial attempts aren’t satisfactory.

      Most importantly, this type of dental X-ray device offers 3D capabilities that improve the overall accuracy of impressions. The detailed contours and shapes captured by intraoral scanners can help to create better fabrication and restoration results for patients and assist in diagnosing a wide range of dental issues.

      New and Used Intraoral Scanners

      When you shop for intraoral 3D scanners at Dental Planet, you’ll find plenty of options from brands that are highly respected and trusted among dental professionals, including Carestream, Inn-Soft and 3M. And with options for both new and refurbished models, you can easily find something that fits your budget. In fact, our refurbished dental equipment gives you the chance to save 40% to 60% compared to new dental scanner prices. Shop our complete selection of new and used intraoral scanners for sale to find the ideal fit for your practice.

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