Periapical X-rays

Get clear images of your patients’ teeth with periapical X-ray equipment from Dental Planet. Along with digital panoramic X-ray equipment and portable X-ray machines, this type of imaging device is vital to many dental practices. It allows you to better diagnose and treat each patient when dealing with oral health challenges that can’t be viewed with standard X-rays. Learn more about periapical dental equipment and find out why Dental Planet is the best source for this type of imaging device.

What Are Periapical X-Rays?

When it comes to diagnosing oral health conditions, the right images can make all the difference. Upgrade your practice and expand your capabilities with this selection of periapical X-ray equipment. With the ability to see the entire tooth all the way to the root, these X-rays provide a more well-rounded view that assists in dental diagnoses and treatments. Periapical X-ray machines are especially useful for discovering and determining the best course of treatment for difficult oral health problems like impacted teeth, cysts, abscesses and even tumors. By adding this equipment to your dental practice, you’ll be able to better serve your patients and provide them with the effective care they need.

Top Periapical X-Ray Manufacturers

Our selection of periapical X-ray equipment includes options from some of the most trusted names in the field of dentistry. Choose from manufacturers like Acteon, Corix, Belmont and Owandy to get the best X-ray machine for your needs. You’ll also find wall-mount systems, intraoral X-ray devices and other types of machines in this selection. For most models, you’ll see a list of suggested accessories that ca be included with your purchase, making it easy to find everything you need within a few clicks. Shop all dental equipment for X-rays at Dental Planet to find the right imaging equipment for your practice at the right price.

Owandy-RX Intraoral X-ray system
3,498.00 3,498.00 3498.0 USD
Corix 70 Plus KVP X-ray
2,998.00 2,998.00 2998.0 USD
Acteon X-Mind Unity Mobile Stand
554.00 554.00 554.0 USD
Acteon SOPIX INSIDE Intraoral X-ray
4,498.00 4,498.00 4498.0 USD