The system that changed the way dentists thought about dry vacuum.

  • Remote start capability built in for HD series - remote switch not included.
  • Exhaust Kit includes piping from pump with P-Trap, drain and 23 inches schedule 80 1 ¼ inch pipe. Inlet Kit includes hose and fittings from air water separator to vacuum pump
  • As with all dry vac suction systems a drip leg is recommended on the exhaust line to prevent condensate return to the pump and is included with all systems.
  • This is the maximum number of users during normal working conditions (includes diversity). for 100% redundancy (back up / spare) do not count 2nd motor in calculation
  • All models adjustable from 5" Hg to 25" Hg. Recommended set point 15" Hg to 20" Hg
  • Noise level measured at 3.5 feet with inlet and exhaust piping connected.
  • Weight excludes packaging for shipping.
  • Optional 3 Phase 230 / 460 / 575 - 220v single phase models include a buck boost with each pump to adjust voltage to 220 volts +/- 5 volts
  • Systems come complete with: air/water separator, auto drain kit, quick disconnect hose kit, inlet piping kit and exhaust piping kit.
  • 1HD Series pumps are expandable to 2HD systems with a simple upgrade kit or up to three pumps, with the addition of a wall mounted control panel and upgraded inlet and exhaust piping kits.
  • Larger capacity and continuous run air water separators are compatible with 1HD systems.
Model 3HD 4.40P
Users 3 x 4
Operatories 10 - 18
hp 3 x 2
Amps 3 x 9.5
Voltage 220V, 1 Phase
dB 74
L x W x H 28" x 18" x 72"
Lbs 3 x 121
Part# 2800030

Base Vac 3HD Series Dry Vacuum System 12 Users

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    • Products Model: 2800030
    • Manufacturer: Base Vac
    • OEM Model: 3HD 4.40P
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: 5 Years

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