High-quality Carbide Burs leave a smooth surface for all your finishing and polishing needs. 100 count



Part Number Style

333-FG2-100 Round

333-FG4-100 Round

333-FG6-100 Round

333-FG8-100 Round

Part Number Style

333-FG556-100 Straight End Cross Cut

333-FG557-100 Straight End Cross Cut

333-FG558-100 Straight End Cross Cut

Part Number Style

333-FG330-100 Pear

333-FG331-100 Pear

Part Number Style

333-FG245-100 Amalgam Prep

Part Number Style

333-FG1557-100 R. Straight Dome End Cross cut

3D Dental Sabur Carbide Burs, 100 pks

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    • Products Model: 333-FG2-100
    • Manufacturer: 3D Dental
    • OEM Model: 333-FG2-100, 333-FG4-100, 333-FG6-100, 333-FG8-100, 333-FG556-100, 333-FG557-100, 333-FG558-100, 333-FG330-100, 333-FG331-100, 333-FG245-100, 333-FG1557-100
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: 4 Months

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