100-100g Package

ResinVest phosphate investment is made specifically for burning out printed or milled resin patterns. The investment is fiber-reinforced to strengthen the resistance of the investment to cracking and finning during the burnout of RPD or crown and bridge patterns for castings or pressed ceramic restorations.
This high performance material offers a wide expansion range and optimal fit of the casting. It also features a rapid burnout technique in order to reduce processing time and increase productivity. Its fluid consistency promotes ease of investing, smooth casting surfaces and it divests easily.
Please note : A 100-100g package of ResinVest will require 2L + 340mL of Special Liquid Concentrate – Plus.
Please note : A 55lb. carton of ResinVest will require 6L of Special Liquid Concentrate – Plus.

Physical Properties

Liquid/Powder Ratio
22 ml/100 gram
Working Time
6–8 minutes
Setting Expansion
Thermal Expansion
Compressive Strength
1,350 psi (9.2 MPa)


  • Tapered ring design for easy removal of mold
  • Clear plastic rings are economical, durable and reusable
  • Allows for maximum expansion of investment
  • Eliminates the need for ring liner
  • Clean burnout of all wax shapes
  • Sprues with reservoirs prevent porosity
  • Durable, reinforced, plastic former bases

Whip Mix Phosphate Investment - ResinVest - 100-100g Package

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