• Dimensions: 8 3/4"h x 3 3/4" w x 10 1/4"d
  • Weight: 5 Lbs.
  • Bag and Outlet Diameter: 22mm (Approx. 7/8")
  • Oxygen Flow Range: 3-10 LPM
  • Nitrous Oxide Flow Range: 0-7 LPM
  • Fail Safe Type: Proportional
  • Specify Mounting Adapter

All Stands, Arms and Brackets come with Scavenging Rubber Goods included.

Flowmeter Systems

F300 Flowmeter System with 4 Cylinder Yoke Block

Includes: Head, Tall Mobile Stand, Scavenger Rubber Goods, 4 Cylinder Yoke Block, DISS Hoses (2ft.)

F100 Flowmeter System with Scavenger Rubber Goods

Includes: Head, Scavenger Inhaler, Tube, Bag (Specify mounting adapter)

F200 Flowmeter System with Short Mobile Stand

Includes: Head, Short Mobile Stand (30" - 40"), Scavenger Rubber Goods

F250 Flowmeter with Mobile Stand

Includes: Head, Tall Mobile Stand (40" - 50"), Scavenger Rubber Goods

F400 Flowmeter System with Telescoping Arm

Includes: Head, Telescoping Arm, Scavenger Rubber Goods

F401 Flowmeter System with Stationary Arm

Includes: Head, Stationary Arm, Scavenger Rubber Goods

F402 Flowmeter System with 8" Swivel Arm

Includes: Head, 8" Swivel Arm, Scavenger Rubber Goods

F403 Flowmeter System with 8" Double Swivel Arm

Includes: Head, 8" DoubleSwivel Arm, Scavenger Rubber Goods

F404 Flowmeter System with Cabinet Mount Flipout Bracket

Includes: Head, Cabinet Mount Flipout Bracket, Scavenger Rubber Goods

Belmed PC7 Flowmeter and Options

  • Stands, Arms and Brackets

3,896.00 3,896.00 3896.0 USD


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  • Products Model: 5000
  • Manufacturer: Belmed
  • OEM Model: 5000, F300, F100, F200, F250, F400, F401, F402, F403, F404
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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