Decontaminates N-95 Masks Between Use 

    •  Decontaminates N-95 Respirator Masks for Multiple Use (Tested to 20 cycles)
    •  The RH-N95 Provides an Effective Method of Decontaminating N95 Masks Without Compromising Performance
    •  Sterilize up to 100 Masks per Hour
    •  Fast, Safe, and Convenient On-Site Reprocessing Ensures Staff Can Receive Their Previously Used Mask


Cycle Time/Temp
30 Minutes @ 155° F
Unit Size
22.5"W x 22.5"D x 19.55"H
17.75"D x 11"W x 11.75"H, 2294 cubic inches (10 gal / 38 liters)
90 lbs
Shipping Weight
109 lbs
110V-120V,  220-240V, 1400 watts warm-up / 300 watts operating
Three Years Parts & Labor

CPAC RH-N95 Decontamination System

  • Operating Voltage

7,495.00 7,495.00 7495.0 USD


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