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Introducing the latest innovation to protect your health in the exam room.

Product Features:

  • Protects against mercury 
  • Protects against contagious diseases by capturing many types of microbes and viruses
  • Quiet 65db Operation
  • HEPA Filter 99.97% @ 0.3 Micron – Equal to MERV 17 – For Microbes
  • Easy positioning arm with adjustable lengths and hood options
  • Easily mobile - only 30 lbs with casters
  • Remote control - Easy operation without touching the machine
  • Filter change alarm - Notification when a filter change is required
  • Brushless motor - Long maintenance-free life

4-Stages of Filtration

Good filtration systems offer multiple layers of filtration, allowing cheaper/less efficient filters to capture

Good filtration systems offer multiple layers of filtration, allowing cheaper/less efficient filters to capture larger particles first, which protect the lifespan of the more expensive/higher efficiency filters.

Stage 1: Washable Pre-filter

This filter is designed to be washed after 1-2 weeks of use (based on 8hrs of operation/day) and captures the largest particles.

Stage 2: True Medical-Grade HEPA Filter

This HEPA filter is a True Medical-Grade HEPA filter, with an efficiency of 99.97% @ .3 μm. It is as efficient as a surgical mask and captures airborne viruses. These typically last 6-months to a year.

Stage 3: Medium Carbon Filter

This filter provides the air a first pass through special blend of activated carbon that is specifically designed to remove the harmful odors associated with dental work (aerosols, mercury and other vapors). It generally lasts 3-6 months.

Stage 4: Main Carbon Filter

This filter offers a second pass of a special blend of activated carbon designed for more odor control. Generally lasts 3-6 months.

Description of Use

The unit’s long adjustable arm easily holds the suction hood below the patient’s chin with zero contact to the patient. By source-capturing the patient’s breath and harmful aerosols, we ensure that they do not enter the dentist’s breathing zone--unlike traditional HVAC units and other air cleaners that require harmful particles to circulate around the room before they are captured. The hood is also small enough to stay out of the work area and not obstruct the view or access to the dentist or assistant. A 14” clear round hood is also available, giving the dentist further protection while providing a clear view of the work area.


FX-FDC Extraoral Dental Suction

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