Pac-Dent Pac-FIle GPC Obturator, Gutter Percha Carrier

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GOB-30 Pac-File GPC Obturator, Gutter Percha Carrier 5 x #30 GPC Obturators + 1 x #30 Verifier

NEW from Pac-Dent International are the easy to use PacFil™ PC (plastic carrier) and PacFil™ GPC (gutta-percha carrier) thermal obturators. Featuring the best level of precision, performance, and radiopacity; both types can be used to obturate any constant or variable .04 to .10 tapered canal ISO size 20 to 50.

PacFil™'s heated alpha-phase gutta percha provides excellent precise canal filling. The coating is designed for easier cleanup and improved placement accuracy. PacFil™ obturators are highly radiopaque and compatible for use in the most popular gutta percha obturator ovens. The PacFil™ Verifiers makes precise sizing fast and easy.

The PacFil™ GPC with Gutta Percha Carrier also offers the added benefit of making post space preparation easy. PacEndo gutta-percha carriers give Clinicians all the advantages they want in a thermal obturator product.

Calibration rings facilitate in setting working length.

Works with your current obturator oven at the same settings.

Easy to get great 3D fills for all canal types.

ISO-sized system for compatibility.

Pac-Dent PacFil™Thermal Obturators #30, GOB-30

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    • Products Model: GOB-30
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