Nivo Temp-Max A1 C&B Material 76ml Cartridge #NTMA1 (NI)

Use for the fabrication of temporary protheses such as crowns, bridges , imlays, onlys and veneers.

Available in multiple shades.

  • Easy Trimming
  • Enamel Like Fluorescence
  • Highly Flexible
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    A2 NTMA2
    A3 NTMA3
    A3.5 NTMA35
    B1 NTMB1

Temp-Max Flourescense Bisaryclic Temp Crown & Bridge Material Cartridge, 76ml, A1

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  • Products Model: NTMA1
  • Manufacturer: NIVO dental
  • OEM Model: NTMA2, NTMA3, NTMA3.5, NTMB1, NTMBL
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed