UltraSafeTM Micro

Chemical Free Removal of Bacteria and Virus

Eliminates the unreliable dose and treat products

Eliminates unwanted chemical reactions

Chemical free also means that if your water quality changes bacteria and virus are still removed with the same reliability

The potential of damaging expensive equipment is eliminated


World’s first gradient ultra filter that is positively charged

Removes bacteria mechanically by size exclusion

Removes virus by absorption through the electro-positive charged filter

Has superior surface area to ensure excellent performance. Each fiber is only 2 nanometers in diameter! (50,000) fibers would be equivalent to the diameter of a single human hair!

Removes most nutrients that bacteria can on which impede bio-film growth

Automatic reminder from Toppen at 11 months to change filter

All filters are manufactured in the U.S.A


Supports high flow rates at low pressure


1 YEAR FILTER LIFE One UltraSafe Micro lasts for one year. Only one easy maintenance procedure per year

No harmful chemicals, so old filters can be easily discharged

Removing virus and bacteria versus killing bacteria is a better method of decontamination as the kill method may increase bacteria counts. If the outer wall of a bacteria or virus allows the cytoplasm of the bacteria to escape, other bacteria may use that as a food source and proliferate. By removal, UltraSafe Micro stops that pathogen opportunity. Chemical dosing may cause bacteria to mutate and form more resistant strains.

Toppen UltraSafe Micro

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