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Dental Planet has the bonding agent products you need  to run your office successfully, and great low prices. From GluStitch Periacryl Adhesive kits, oral adheshive kits and GluStitch Periacryl Oral Adhesive with Autoclavable tray and pipettes. 

Dental Planet also offers Desensitizers like the top selling Advanced Hemaseal/Cide with Chlorhexidne approved by the FDA. Beutlich Hurriseal Dentin Desensitizers Snab-n- go swabs, and SDI's Soothe Syringes a sustained release gel.

Etchants are also available at Dental Planet at wonderfully low prices, like SDI's  Super Etch gel syringes and Jumbo refill system. Or Septodent's gel Syringes (also offered in a Jumbo), for etching of dentin and enamel prior to application of total etch bonding system for composite restorations.

SDI Riva Bond LC Powder/Liquid Kit
264.00 264.00 264.0 USD
Glustitch Periacryl® Adhesives Kit
158.00 158.00 158.0 USD
SDI Stae Refill, 5mL Bottle
144.00 144.00 144.0 USD
SDI Stae Single Dose Kit
144.00 144.00 144.0 USD
SDI Go! Single Dose Kit
144.00 144.00 144.0 USD