Animal Health

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DuraPro Health has a comprehensive selection for every animal health need at prices you are sure to love. Offering a range of products from bovine health to rodenticides, our wide variety of animal care products is available to you at low prices so you can properly care for the animals in your life.

Animal Care Products and Pet Health Supplies

Are you a veterinarian? We offer animal care instruments like veterinary syringes and surgical instruments. We provide needles in every shape and size so you can find precisely what you need. For the discerning farmer or Ranch operator, we maintain a well-stocked inventory of animal ID products like tags and leg bands, poultry health products like medicated feed and vitamin supplements, swine health products such as hog ring and feeders, and a variety of bovine accessories and vaccines.

We even carry products for more specific professions, like beekeeping. With multiple hive frames, beekeeping equipment and bottles for honey, we can provide you with the necessary tools to control a hive. For horse breeders and owners, we stock hoof and hoof wound care products as well as fly masks, grooming aides, supplements and more. We offer products for standard pet owners as well, including pet shampoos and conditioners, dog chews and rawhides, dewormers and more.

Make DuraPro Health your source for affordable vet supplies, animal care products and animal shelter supplies today.


9 Unit Cage Bank- fully assembled
3,991.00 3,991.00 3991.0 USD
6 Unit Cage Bank- fully assembled
3,462.00 3,462.00 3462.0 USD
ADA Compliant Elite 58" Tub
3,369.00 3,369.00 3369.0 USD
5 Unit Cage Bank- fully assembled
3,345.00 3,345.00 3345.0 USD
Elite 58" Tub
3,177.00 3,177.00 3177.0 USD
ADA Compliant Elite 48" Tub
3,151.00 3,151.00 3151.0 USD
Elite 48" Tub
2,949.00 2,949.00 2949.0 USD
ADA Compliant 58" In-Line Tub
2,351.00 2,351.00 2351.0 USD
ADA Compliant Walk-through 58"
2,351.00 2,351.00 2351.0 USD
Low Profile Exam Table 22"x44" Stainless Top
2,200.00 2,200.00 2200.0 USD
Walk-through 58"
2,068.00 2,068.00 2068.0 USD
ADA Compliant Walk-through 48"
2,052.00 2,052.00 2052.0 USD
ADA Compliant 48" In-Line Tub
2,005.00 2,005.00 2005.0 USD
58" In-Line Tub
1,983.00 1,983.00 1983.0 USD
3 Unit Cage Bank- fully assembled
1,938.00 1,938.00 1938.0 USD
58" Walk-In Tub
1,922.00 1,922.00 1922.0 USD
Walk-through 48"
1,769.00 1,769.00 1769.0 USD
Walk-through 36"
1,705.00 1,705.00 1705.0 USD
48" In-Line Tub
1,686.00 1,686.00 1686.0 USD
Electric Exam Table 22"x48" Stainless Top
1,656.00 1,656.00 1656.0 USD