Micro Applicators

Dental Planet carries such a wide selection of ideal applicators for bonding agents. Microbrush is the top selling brand with a wide choice of colors and assorted colors in  regular, fine, superfine, and x-thin.  Make your choice of the Microbrush tube series, refills, Plus, Ultrabrush extended reach and Microbrush Tru Series.

If you need pre-bent dispensing try Mydent's Defend Bendable Applicators.  We also offer SDI's Points disposable Brush Applicators.

SDI Points Disposable Brush Applicators, Assorted
29.40 29.40 29.400000000000002 USD
SDI Points Disposable Applicator Brushes, Blue, 100/tube
23.40 23.40 23.400000000000002 USD
SDI 1x Premium Complet Applicator
68.00 68.00 68.0 USD