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Litex 682 Curing Light

Litex 682 Curing Light

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  • Easily located thumb-control setting for timer and intensity in a two-stage polymerization curing light. Aseptic, lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Two-stage polymerization with initial lower intensity prior to high intensity polymerization resulting in less shrinkage stress.
  • Power turbo probe included as standard. Intensity over 800mW/cm2, cure rate 10 seconds / 3 mm
  • Emitted light encompasses 430nm and 470nm wavelengths, which effectively cures all light cure materials
  • Digital countdown timer with audible beep every 10 seconds, as well as on onset and completion in both phases of the curing cycle
  • Light intensity meter included to assure polymerization intensity
  • Unit is available for 115 volts 60 Hz or 230 volts 50 Hz operation
  • Disposable orange mini sheild included for operator's protection