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Johnson-Promident Jetpolisher 2000

Johnson-Promident Jetpolisher 2000

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  • Non-clogging nozzle due to exclusive H.S.T. technology
  • Harmless to titanium implants
  • No installation required, completely portable, and can be moved easily from room to room (measures just 3.5" x 3.5" x 7.5")
  • Connects directly to existing handpiece tubing (30-35 psi) via 2-3 hole or 4 hole connectors (Kavo, W&H, Sirona connectors also available)
  • Uses existing dental unit's foot pedal
  • Lightweight and easy on the wrist
  • Fully detachable autoclavable handpiece and water control knob to prevent cross-infection
  • Large, easy-view powder reservoir