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Suni Pan Q3D CBCT 3D Imaging System

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Suni Pan Q3D CBCT 3D Imaging System

Product Information:

  • Model: 400-1419
  • Manufactured by: Suni
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Condition: New

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Product Description:

High Resolution Computed Tomography Technology

Clearly defined images in three dimensions provide users with accuracy. A separate dedicated sensor, optimized for CT imaging ensures the best results. Fast Scan Mode with scan times as low as 7.7 seconds reduce dose, motion artifacts and image distortion.

  • CMOS Technology
  • Multi-Focus Function
  • Multiple Exposure Programs
  • Face to Face Positioning
  • Voice Prompting
  • Focal Spot 0.5mm
  • Short Ceph Arm

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with breaker to insure consistent current.