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Vatech PaX Reve3D Cone Beam and Panoramic X Ray

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Vatech PaX Reve3D Cone Beam and Panoramic X Ray

Product Information:

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Product Description:

Delivery, Training and Installation available on this Digital X-ray.

Delivery – Continental US only, Training – Basic Training, Warranty – 1 year parts, 90 day labor

2 in 1 System / Ergonomic Design

The first CT to offer "Free (selectable) FOV" - PaX-Reve3D is the first dental CT which realizes the Free FOV function. It offers various FOV from 5X5 to 15X15. These various FOV extend the areas of diagnosis. Within this range, you can freely select the region of interest and size the FOV accordingly based on the need or purpose of diagnosis. This revolutionary function improves the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.

Secures the best image quality - Designed to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and quality of treatment, PaX-Reve3D's unique image processing system raises the level of X-ray imaging. You can efficiently select voxel sizes ranging (0.08~0.25mm) based on the FOV size. These flexible voxel sizes enhance the efficiency of the imaging process giving the freedom to take a diagnostic image of the area of interest.

Extremely low X-ray dosage with pulsed scan - It is our philosophy to provide the optimized image quality using reduced X-ray dose. The pulsed type generator reduces radiation by 40~60%, providing improved patient care.

Short reconstruction time - Reconstructed images acquired in the shortest possible time by the GPU algorithm. Exposure time : 0.3 seconds.

Modern, elegant design - Compact design requiring very little space with a base design allowing access for wheel-chair's providing easy patient positioning.

User-friendly functions - With the integrated camera and voice system, Reve3D enables visual monitoring and voice communication between patient and staff. In particular, you can check the position of the patient again via the Touch Panel LCD before scanning to ensure accuracy.

Acquisition computer included

For more information please read the product brochure.

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with breaker to insure consistent current.