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Progeny Vantage® C - Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System

Progeny Vantage® C - Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System

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Delivery, Training and Installation available on this Digital X-ray.

Delivery – Continental US only, Training – Basic Training, Warranty – 1 year parts, 90 day labor

Exceptional features. Exceptional flexibility.

The Progeny Vantage® C is designed to meet your extraoral imaging needs. Progeny Vantage® C is available with optional two sensors for optimal examination efficiency—or with one sensor for clinics that perform occasional cephalometric exams. Purchase a Progeny Vantage® Digital Panoramic System knowing that you can add the cephalometric option in the future.

Exceptional Imaging

• Full feature panoramic system with five pre-programmed panoramic techniques including pediatric, bitewing and TMJ exams

• The most widely used cephalometric views - lateral, AP, PA

• Detailed, high-quality images combined with unique soft tissue filtering delivers superior patient profile definition

• User-selectable field sizes confine the area of exposure to best fit patient examination requirements

• Slit Scan Collimation reduces scatter radiation improving image visualization

Exceptional Features

• Intuitive control with VantageTouch®, your touch-screen operator panel for the Vantage C. The cephalostat position is automatically transmitted to the VantageTouch® allowing for a streamlined workflow. Tap the screen to select the patient size and technique factors. Preview images on VantageTouch® immediately after acquistion for instant evaluation.

• Positioning tools include three lasers, temple wands, chin block and bite guide for panoramic exams. Easy-to-use cephalostat, ear posts and nasion positioner for ceph exams ensure accurate, repeatable positioning.

• Includes VantageTrust®—Midmark's exclusive remote training and positioning assistance. VantageTrust® offers prompt feedback for improved patient care.

• Cephalometric attachment is field configurable for right or left side.

• Compact design minimizes space requirements.

Exceptional Value

• TWAIN included

• Progeny® Imaging Software with DICOM included

• Award-winning, elegant design and workflow features

• Technology-driven simplicity

• Manufactured in the U.S.A.