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Sirona Orthophos Plus DS Digital Cephalometric and Panoramic X Ray

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Sirona Orthophos Plus DS Digital Cephalometric and Panoramic X Ray

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Delivery, Training and Installation available on this Digital X-ray.

Delivery – Continental US only, Training – Basic Training, Warranty – 1 year parts, 90 day labor

Sirona Orthophos Plus DS Digital Pan/Ceph

Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment are prerequisites for a successful dental practice. The ORTHOPHOS X-ray systems offer a broad range of programs and thus foster a comprehensive diagnostic approach. Their razor-sharp images provide a sound and meaningful basis for clearly focused therapy.

The ORTHOPHOS X-ray systems are designed for optimum user-friendliness. Thanks to the 3-point fixing device, patient positioning involves only a few simple steps. The multi-timer initiates the imaging process quickly and safely.

Seeing is believing: the ORTHOPHOS X-ray systems deliver razor-sharp images every time. The multi-pulse generator emits consistently "hard" radiation, while automatic image pre-selection/image preprocessing ensures optimum exposures. The result? Brilliant X-rays that provide the basis for accurate diagnosis.

Thanks to the 3-point fixing system the patient has no trouble in keeping still. The special bite segment and the chin, temple and forehead supports ensure ideal positioning. Light localizers provide a quick and precise means of determining the Frankfort horizontal and the mid-sagittal planes.

Cephalometric and panoramic radiography in a single unit. The ORTHOPHOS Plus DS Ceph is fully digital. This model offers a choice of 16 panorama programs, plus sophisticated cephalometric capabilities. This puts you in the position to fulfill all orthodontic and oral surgery requirements.


  • Reliable diagnosis
  • 16 panoramic programs to choose from
  • Radiation dose reduction Up to 70%
  • Patient-related image archiving Fully automatic
  • Software interfaces For practice management and orthodontic measurement programs
  • Razor-sharp real-time images
  • No film processing, no scanning, no readouts
  • Environmental protection No darkroom, no chemicals
  • Convenient motor-driven settings - Height adjustment and forehead support
  • Practical light localizers - Frankfort horizontal/mid-sagittal plane
  • Reliable 3-point fixing - Bite, forehead and temple supports
  • Simple operation – Multi-timer control unit
  • Outstanding hygiene - Sterilization and/or protective sleeves
  • Clear digital displays - Reproducibility, plus operator assistance

Acquisition computer included

Sirona Orthophos Plus DS Digital Panoramic Cephalometric X-ray Brochure

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with breaker to insure consistent current.