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Planmeca Proline EC Panoramic X Ray

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Planmeca Proline EC Panoramic X Ray

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Delivery, Training and Installation available on this Digital X-ray.

Delivery – Continental US only, Training – Basic Training, Warranty – 1 year parts, 90 day labor

Planmeca Proline EC provides anatomically correct panoramic radiographs of unsurpassed image quality. With the Planmeca Proline EC you can say good-bye to redundant shadows and ghost images caused by objects outside the image layer.

You can also say farewell to making guesses about the status of your equipment. A self-diagnostic control system continuously monitors the unit and displays help messages guiding the operator, enabling correct use. The control system also displays error messages in case of abnormal operation. These error messages are stored in an error log, which helps the operator as well as the technical service.

  • Proline EC's side entry and open positioning concept minimize errors caused by incorrect patient positioning, and increases patient comfort.
  • The operator can monitor the patient freely from the front, back, and side, making patient positioning quick, precise, and easy.
  • Triple laser beam system accurately indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.
  • Unit easily accommodates patients in wheelchairs or patients in beds with up-right head-rests.

The prestigious Proline series of panoramic x-ray units gives more possibilities to the dentist. The design and operating principles of PM 2002 EC Proline are based on the latest scientific research. With the application of advanced research, Planmeca has introduced several new features to this class.

Imaging Programs - Panoramic Imaging

High level technical solutions and applications and scientifically designed imaging geometry of PM 2002 CC Proline x-ray produce high quality panoramic x-rays.

Pediatric Program

The Pediatric Program reduces the exposed area from both sides reducing patient dosage dramatically.

Vertical Segmenting

PM 2002 EC Proline x-ray provides three possibilities to slice the exposed area vertically. The desired area can be exposed separately simply by selecting it from the control panel.

Automatic Double TMJ-Program

Automatic double TMJ-program In PM 2002 EC Proline there is an automatic double TMJ Program, which has four characteristic views of the open and closed temporomandibular joints. These are exposed on a single film, thus enormously reducing patient dosage and film costs.

Maxillary Sinus Program

The Maxillary Sinus Program provides a clear image of the maxillary sinus region including: frontal sinus, crista galli, perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone, nasolachrymal canal and infra-orbital canal.

Acquisition computer included

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with breaker to insure consistent current.