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Dentrix ImageRAYi Digital Sensor

Dentrix ImageRAYi Digital Sensor

Product Information:

  • Model: DEN-SENS05
  • Manufactured by: Dentrix
  • Warranty: One Month
  • Condition: As-Is


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Product Description:

Dentrix ImageRAYi

The ImageRAYi™ is an advanced USB 2 digital X-ray sensor that seamlessly integrates with the DENTRIX® clinical and practice-management software. Utilizing a 16-bit CCD chip, the ImageRAYi produces more than 65,000 shades of grey and provides over 22-lp/mm resolution for stunning X-ray image quality, effective diagnosis, and superior patient communication. The ImageRAYi Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator reduces radiation exposure compared to other X-ray sensors and its three convenient sensor sizes will increase patient safety, comfort, and ease of use. Even more, the ImageRAYi is backed by an award-winning customer support and training team providing the complete digital X-ray package.