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Owandy Opteo Intra Oral X-ray Sensor

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The Opteo's direct USB connection makes its use (with single and multiple station) both simple and intuitive. The three meter cable enables you to connect to your computer no matter what the layout of your office. The unique automatic wakeup system of the sensor reduces the number of steps to take to obtain an x-ray: the capture of a quality image based on the x-ray emissions is also guaranteed. The direct USB connection guarantees instantaneous X-ray image capture.

  • High Definition CMOS Sensor
  • Robustness and Reliability
  • All types of radiological examinations
  • Quickvision software and Positioner Included

  • Dexis or Eaglesoft Imaging Users: The purchase of DataGrabber software is recommended to provide a proper bridge between the sensor and the existing imaging software.

    Resolution>20 lp/mm (T1 & T2)
    Sensitive Area20 x 30 mm (± 600 mm²) (T1), 26 x 36mm (± 900mm²( (T2)
    CMOS Matrix1050 x 1580 (T1), 1916 x 1358 (T2)
    Pixel Size19 x 19 ìm (T1 & T2)
    External dimensions25.2mm x 36.9mm (T1), 30.8mm x 43.2mm (T2)