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Villa Explor-X ACP

NewTwo Year Warranty

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Product Information:

  • Model: Explor-X ACP
  • Manufactured by: Villa
  • OEM Number: Explor-X ACP
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Condition: New

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Product Description:

Engineering For Utmost Performance

The Explor-X intra-oral line has been designed to maximize efficiency of operation to concentrate on diagnosis rather than the procedure to obtain the image. Thanks to a built-in algorithm, the system automatically compensates the mains voltage fluctuations guaranteeing the best stability in film darkening. The duty cycle (waiting time between exposures) is 1:32, meaning that after a 0.5 second exposure, the operator need only wait 16 seconds to take the next x-ray. This translates into high efficiency when a multitude of exposures need be taken in sequence. Patient safety is ensured by a low dose while a "back-up" timer prevents unwanted exposures. The Explor-X may additionally work with a remote x-ray outside the operatory as well as a "ready" and "active" X-Ray light.

  • Exposure Times 0.02 to 3.2 seconds
  • Electrical stability in the busiest of facilities
  • Concentrate on diagnosis and treatment instead of the x-ray procedure

Optimized Parameters

The sophisticated timer of Explor-X ACP allows to select the best exposure parameters using pre-programmed anatomic techniques. The choice of the diagnostic target is easily achieved in two quick steps: choose the size of the patient among the three available and choose the dentition area to be examined: that's all. At the touch of a key you can also switch to a specific modality which optimizes the exposure times for use with any digital acquisition system.


Power Supply230V ±10% 50Hz
120V ±10% 60Hz
X-ray tube70kV, 8mA
Focal spot0.8mm IEC 336
Focus to skin distance20cm (7 -7/8") standard/30cm (11-13/16") with optional collimator cone extension
X-ray field (at collimator tip)Diameter 60mm (2-3/8") / 35x45mm (1-3/8"x1-3/4") with optional diaphragm
Duty cycle1:32
Exposure times0.02 to 3.2s in 33 steps
Anatomic programs30 pre-set times