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Flow Dental Safe'n'Sure Lead Protective Aprons

Product Information:

  • Model: 75050 ( + color # )
  • Manufactured by: Flow Dental
  • OEM Number: 75050, 75051, 75062, 75053, 75056, 75061
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Condition: New

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Product Description:

Safe'n'Sure Lead Protective Aprons

Flow's lead aprons provide traditional protection for your patients in a variety of styles. They're available in 7 fashionable colors to match your decor and create a relaxing environment for your patients and yourself. Considered the industry standard, Flow aprons are manufactured from lead rubber with an attractive vinyl front and a tear-resistant cling back. They clean easily with soap and water and withstand years of heavy use.

.3 mm protection

Solid colors: Purple, Teal, Medium Blue, Burgandy, Gray, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Beige, Black, Red, Hunter Green

Pattern colors: Beautiful Bronze, Shimmering Green, Electric Blue, Tie-dye, Paw Prints

75050 Adult Bib Apron without collar, 24" x 26"
75051 Adult Bib Apron with attached collar, 24" x 26"
75062 Child-size Panoramic Apron Lead, 20" x 27"
75053 Child-size Bib Apron with attached collar, 20" x 20"
75056 Thyroid Collar for Adult Bib Apron, 5" x 27"
75061 Adult panoramic apron 24" x 27"