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Clear Valve Body for A-dec

Clear Valve Body for A-dec

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  • Material: clear plastic
  • Replacement for both the White Valve Body (OEM Part #24-0135-00) and the Black Valve Body (OEM Part #24-0355-00)
  • RPI's valve body is clear so you can troubleshoot without taking apart the entire unit!! It's the RPI Advantage! (See Notes below for more information)

Fits: Air Regulator Valve "White" bodies (OEM Part #24-0128-00 & #24-0135-00) and Regulator Valve "Black" Bodies (OEM Part #'s 24-0129-00 & 24-0138-00)
Model(s) This Part Fits: Cascade, Decade, Excellence, Mini-Trol

Notes: RPI's clear valve body is see-through so that you can actually see what's happening inside the valve and troubleshoot from the outside. Easily locate malfunctioning valve diaphragms at-a-glance or check for air bubbles in the valve, evaluate piston performance, examine o-ring and spring integrity, and identify debris contamination from the air compressor. Now there's no need to dismantle the entire unit to find the troublesome valve! It's the RPI Advantage!