Dental Cabinets

Create a stylish and efficient dental practice with cabinetry, carts and other furnishings from Dental Planet. Our selection of affordable dental cabinets includes a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs, including rear treatment consoles, sterilization centers and cabinet accessories. This allows you to find the best cabinetry to suit your office space while also creating a consistent style for your practice. Whether you need extra storage for all your dental supplies or dental carts that allow you to move essential tools from room to room, we’ve got you covered with this dental cabinet collection at Dental Planet.

Stylish Storage for Your Practice

Keeping everything organized in a busy dental practice is much easier when you have the right cabinetry. Choose from a variety of options to get the best setup for each room in your offices. Our DuraPro Essential and DuraPro Elite cabinetry lines feature a number of upper and lower storage console systems. Use dental carts when you need to move supplies or tools from room to room. These convenient options allow you to have plenty of dedicated storage space where items stay organized and clean until they’re ready to be used.

Save with Used Dental Cabinets

The cost of dental cabinets can add up quickly, especially when you’re starting a new practice or expanding an existing one. However, there’s an easy way to reduce your costs while still getting quality furnishings for your office. At Dental Planet, you’ll find a great selection of used dental cabinets for sale. Each set has been completely refurbished so they look as good as new. This allows you to get plenty of essential storage for your offices without going over budget. Shop now to find great deals on both new and used cabinetry at Dental Planet.


DuraPro Assistant's "Alabama" Dental Cart
1,198.00 1,138.10 1138.1000000000001 USD
DuraPro Assistant's "North Carolina" Dental Cart
1,198.00 1,138.10 1138.1000000000001 USD
DuraPro Doctors Dental Cart
1,198.00 1,138.10 1138.1000000000001 USD
DuraPro Elite Glide Mount Doctor Delivery Package
1,998.00 1,898.10 1898.1000000000001 USD
DuraPro Elite Glide Mount Assistant Package w/ L-R swing
884.00 839.80 839.8000000000001 USD
DuraPro Elite Floating Work surface Solid w/ Arm No Delivery Unit
1,498.00 1,423.10 1423.1000000000001 USD
DuraPro Elite Central Island Treatment Console
12,698.00 12,063.10 12063.1 USD