Is Your Dental Practice Facebook Marketing Working? (Part Two)

A growing base of patients who “like you” is another indicator your efforts are working.  This means you have a population of patients who are likely seeing your name and face on a regular basis in their Facebook newsfeed. You and your practice are sandwiched among your patient’s friends and family’s posts.  When done well, your posts can build trust and nourish relationships (and referrals) over time.

Don’t expect your Facebook community to grow on it’s own. Many practices have an influx of admirers when they open their page. There is excitement, and the team may ask family and friends to join … However, in order to keep your patient base growing over time, you’ll need a plan in place.

What is your strategy? Are you posting willy-nilly “when you have time?” Do you have a plan in place for inviting patients to participate? According to Facebook, businesses that promote their Page off-Facebook tend to see a 20% or greater increase in connections. In fact, Facebook itself is said to have recently issued window decals to select local storefront businesses <> .

There is benefit in coordinating your offline marketing to Facebook. Be creative in your efforts.  Include your Facebook links on signage, hardcopy newsletters, postcards … consider events or a “Facebook Friday” in your office.  Wear special Facebook t-shirts or buttons and have fun with it (only if “fun” suits your practice branding and personality of course:)).

Rita Zamora is a relationship-focused dental marketer, specializing in referral marketing, patient relations, case acceptance and social media for general and specialty practices.  Rita developed her referral marketing expertise working hands-on in specialty and general dentistry practices.