Regular Autoclave Maintenance

Keep your autoclave going with our maintenance tips


Autoclaves and sterilizers need regular maintenance to keep in service. Follow the tips below to get the most out of your sterilization solution. Makes and models vary so be sure to check your manufacturer's manual for full details.



Clean door gasket: Wipe the door gasket of any debris using water and detergent. Check regularly for steam leaks around the door gasket and replace as needed.



Clean the air trap: It is preferred to clean the air jet while the unit is running a cycle and under pressure as loosened debris will be blown away, however, it can be done while the unit is idle. You can clean the air jet by removing the water reservoir cover and manipulating the air trap cleaning wire back and forth several times.

Electronic models - clean water sensor: The water sensor is located in the rear of the chamber and should be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. It is more important to clean the sides of the sensor than the tip.

Clean Chamber: Once a week it is recommended to clean chambers with an appropriate cleaner.

We recommended only using the cleaner made for your autoclave. Chemicals in the various cleaners can cause damage to other manufacturer's units. For more information please read The Importance of Using the Right Cleaner.

Clean tray holder and trays: Using a mild detergent or stainless steel cleaner clean tray holder and trays. Do not use steel wool, a steel brush or bleach.

Oil: Oil the door hinge and door tightening bolt.

Wipe down: Clean the outside of unit with a soft cloth.

Every Two Months


Clean and check the safety valve: To prevent the safety valve from being blocked it is necessary to allow steam pressure to escape through the valve. To do so, begin a normal sterilization cycle and allow the pressure to build up to approximately 30 PSI. Turn the unit off and remove the reservoir cover. Next pull the ring of the safety valve using a screwdriver or other tool for two seconds then release. For manual units turn the multivalve into the exhaust position and allow the pressure to vent before opening the door. For electronic units turn the power back on and press the stop button to abort and vent the cycle. CAUTION - This procedure will expose you to hot steam, please be careful and keep your hands and face away from the safety valve.



Check and replace if needed: The door gasket, bellow, air jet, and E.P.A filter should be serviced by a qualified technician. This might be a good time to order a preventative maintenance kit for your model.