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Beaverstate Columbia Operatory System

Beaverstate Columbia Operatory System

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Unit Package Features

S-3600 3 Handpiece Automatic Control

C-4250 Cuspidor with Vacuum and Water QD

FL-3000 LED Operatory Light (shown above)

146-203 40" Light Post with Bushing

Epic Epic Operatory Chair, 110V

400-030 Epic Chair Adapter

113-514 Assistant Side Syringe

Custom Options

Operatory Stools

Water Bottle Systems

115-713 HP Illumination (ISO-B, 5 Hole)

115-703 HP Illumination (ISO-C, 6 Pin)

126-260 Wet/dry foot control (In Lieu of Standard Disc Type)

030-016 2nd HVE, holder and tubing

107-145 Unit mount touch pad (available on H-3600, S-3600, S-3606, S-3630 & S-3636)

Silcryn™ tubing (sterling only)

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