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Bowl Gasket - 3 per package (3.13" OD x .13" Square)

Bowl Gasket - 3 per package (3.13" OD x .13" Square)

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Fits: Solids Collector Assembly (1" & 1-1/4")

Model(s) this part fits: ADV4S, ADV8T, AVB10TNR, AVB15TNR, AVB20TNR, AVG10TNR, AVG15TNR, AVG20RR, AVG20SR, AVG20TNR, AVG30RR, AVG30SR, AVG30TNR, AVU10TNR, AVU15TNR, AVU20RR, AVU20SR, AVU20TNR, AVU30RR, AVU30SR, AVU30TNR, CV10, CV10R, CV6, CV6R, DryMax 4000/8000, Maximizer 1000-2P, Maximizer 2000-2P, MC-201, MC-201 FS, MC-201W, MC-202, MC-202 FS, MC-202W, Minimizer 1000-2P, Minimizer 2000-2P, Mojave V15, Mojave V3, Mojave V5, Mojave V7, PowerVac G G10, PowerVac G G14, PowerVac G G3, PowerVac G G5, PowerVac G G6, PowerVac G G7, PowerVac P10, PowerVac P14, PowerVac P5, PowerVac P6, PowerVac P7, STS-15, STS-3, STS-5, STS-6, VacStar 5, VacStar 50, VacStar 50H, VacStar 8, VacStar 80, VacStar 80H