LeanRock XL5

ISO Type 5

IVORY - 15kg / 33 lbs.

Lean Rock XL5 offers increased expansion to compensate for shrinkage of vinyl polysiloxane and other rubber-based impression materials. LeanRock XL5 has the same great qualities as Lean Rock which is specifically formulated for laboratories who want to pour small batches (about 6) and have working models ready in 15 minutes.

Small batch processing is based on lean principals to improve work flow and reduce wait time because models can be trimmed and pinned after only 15 minutes, decreasing downtime waiting for stone to set. This enables smaller batches to be sent down the line for trimming, eliminating the "bottleneck" associated with large batches hitting all at once, giving you more controlled release of product.

  • Saves time – Models can be separated and trimmed after only 15 minutes, producing better process flow and less downtime.
  • Scannable – Models may be used with Cad Cam systems eliminating the need for a specialty scan stone or spray.
  • Strength – Lean Rock XL5 is hard with superior abrasion resistance.
  • Clear Margins– Rich Ivory color provides clean, clear margins.

The decreased processing time also speeds up remakes and those emergency repairs needed in a hurry.

Physical Properties

Water/Powder Ratio
Working Time
4-5 (Minutes)
Setting Time
5-7 (Minutes)
Expansion (%)
Compressive Strength
3,500 psi (15 minutes) 7,200 psi (1 Hour)
ISO Type

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