Dentists have a high incidence of occupational back pain and injury, in some cases making it impossible for them to continue to work as dentists. The nature of dental work means flexion of the lumbar spine and subsequent loading on the intervertebral discs and extra tension in the spinous ligaments, both of which contribute to discomfort and pain.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is designed to maintain a neutral pelvic position, the same as in standing. In this position the spine and shoulder girdle can function in their most natural and stable position. The position of least stress.

In The Bambach Saddle Seat, the muscles of the back, abdomen and shoulder girdle are in natural balance. When leaning forward to work it is from the hips not the waist, which maintains the lumbar curve. Even when you have to hold this forward position for long periods for procedures necessitating holding your body still to perform close precise work, your spine is still in its natural curves.

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Hager Bambach Classic Saddle Seat

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