Versatile handpiece for either SUPRA and SUB-gingival treatments

  •          4 interchangeable AIR-N-GO® nozzles for perfect control of periodontal disease

  •         Complete range of powders to provide customized solutions for all clinical needs

  •         AIR-N-GO® powders are specially designed and researched to produce an effective gentle treatment for all surfaces.


  •         "SUPRA function" for supragingival polishing and stain removal

  •         "PERIO function" for sub-gingival polishing: maintenance, periodontal and peri-implant


  •         Fast set-up: direct connection to the high speed handpiece connector

  •         Light and well-balanced.

             360° rotation, fast and accurate treatment

  •         Hassle free to maintain; main parts can be dismantled.


Combining water, air and powder, AIR-N-GO® easy was developed from the most advanced fluid dynamics modelling techniques, provide continuous, accurate and controlled spray in the working environment.

AIR-N-GO® nozzles provide accurate and controlled spray. These nozzles offer efficiency for the removal of supra and subgingival biofilm.

  • SUPRA nozzle for any supra-gingival prophylactic treatment in combination with AIR-N-GO® "CLASSIC" powders.

  • PERIO nozzle for sub-gingival use for surgical and non-surgical treatments, suitable for implants

  • PERIO Maintenance nozzle for reduced consumption of AIR-N-GO® "PERIO" fine powder particles supragingival, suitable for implants and appliances

  • PERIO easy nozzle for non-surgical, sub-gingival treatment of teeth and implants

Acteon Air-N-Go Easy Prophy Polishing System

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  • Manufacturer: Acteon
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