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Section 179 Deduction is $500,000 - Order now to have equipment in place by year end.

IMPORTANT: The 179 deduction can provide significant tax relief for this tax year. Act now to select and order your equipment, arrange financing if needed and have everything delivered and in place by year end. Having this deduction in place with any time to plan has not happened in years!

January 1, 2017 The Section 179 deduction remains at $500,000 for 2017 as enacted by the PATH act.

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Read the Ways and Means Committee summary of the bill here.

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Strategic equipment investments for your business could significantly reduce your tax liability and cost of ownership.

Chart showing 179 deduction savings.

Section 179 Deduction

What this could mean for your business:

Instead of depreciating a newly acquired asset over several years, the Section 179 deduction allows a business to take a 100% current year deduction of the full purchase amount up to $500,000 limit on capital purchases.

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Savings Calculator

Cost of Equipment:

Section 179 Deduction $0
50% Bonus Depreciation Deduction $0
Regular First Year Deduction $0
Total First Year Deduction $0
2017 Potential Tax Savings* $0
Final Equipment Cost $0

* The above example assumes a 35% tax bracket on qualifying purchase.

This calculator is for example purposes only. Dental Planet, LLC is not a tax advisor, so please consult your tax advisor for specific details.