Chairs and Operatory Equipment

Outfit your dental practice with comfortable patient chairs and durable operatory equipment from Dental Planet. Our selection features some of the most affordable prices on new and refurbished equipment. You’ll find a great selection that includes everything from dental stools and patient comfort accessories to lights, extraoral suction, and delivery systems. Choose complete packages to outfit your operating room or simply upgrade a few pieces of equipment as needed. Browse through our collection to get great prices on quality dental equipment today.

Affordable Dental Chairs

Keeping your patients comfortable is a priority for any dentist, orthodontist, or endodontist. With most new chairs, however, professionals face thousands of dollars in equipment costs. But by shopping at Dental Planet, you can find affordable prices on quality dental operatories. Our selection of dental chairs comes from trusted manufacturers like Belmont, DentalEZ, Pelton & Crane, and more. In addition to classic patient chairs, you’ll be able to find discount prices on oral surgery chairs, orthodontic chairs, examination chairs, and pediatric benches.

New and Refurbished Operatory Equipment

Dental operations require specialized equipment that allows you to perform each procedure efficiently and successfully. To make sure your costs remain manageable, Dental Planet offers a great selection of dental operatory packages, which include all the primary equipment you need to make your operating room patient-ready. If you only need certain pieces of equipment, you can shop by category to find exactly what you need. Our selection includes delivery systems, assistant’s vacuum groups, extraoral suction accessories, and more. New equipment is available at affordable prices, although you will save even more by choosing refurbished dental operatory equipment and accessories that have been restored to like-new condition. Shop at Dental Planet today to save on essential equipment for your practice.


A-dec 500 Series Operatory Package with Light
14,998.00 14,998.00 14998.0 USD
A-dec 500 Series Operatory Package
13,598.00 13,598.00 13598.0 USD
Pelton and Crane Spirit 3000 Operatory
11,998.00 11,998.00 11998.0 USD
A-dec Cascade Continental Operatory Package
9,998.00 9,998.00 9998.0 USD
A-dec Cascade Radius Euro Operatory Package
9,998.00 9,998.00 9998.0 USD
A-dec Cascade Euro Operatory Package
9,998.00 9,998.00 9998.0 USD
A-dec Decade Radius Operatory Package
9,898.00 9,898.00 9898.0 USD
Midmark Radius Operatory Package
9,898.00 9,898.00 9898.0 USD
A-dec Decade Radius Operatory Package
9,898.00 9,898.00 9898.0 USD
A-dec Cascade Operatory Package
9,498.00 9,498.00 9498.0 USD
Belmont Quolis Q5000 Opertory Package
8,998.00 8,998.00 8998.0 USD
A-dec 300 Series Operatory with OTP Delivery
8,798.00 8,798.00 8798.0 USD
A-dec Performer Operatory Package
8,698.00 8,698.00 8698.0 USD
A-dec Radius Operatory Package
8,498.00 8,498.00 8498.0 USD
Marus Maxstar Operatory Package
7,598.00 7,598.00 7598.0 USD
A-dec 511 Dental Patient Chair
7,498.00 7,498.00 7498.0 USD

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Forest 3900 Dental Operatory Package
7,298.00 5,998.00 5998.0 USD