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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and dental professionals are now able to serve patients in ways that could not have been imagined just a few years ago. Dental technology today is truly astounding, and one of newest imaging devices, the dental cone beam, has revolutionized the way that dentists can make a diagnosis.
Ray America Rayscan Studio 3D CBCT
134,998.00 128,248.10 128248.1 USD
Vatech PaXi 3D Green
94,598.00 85,138.20 85138.2 USD

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Ray America RAYSCAN S
89,998.00 85,498.10 85498.1 USD
Vatech PaX-i3D Green Panoramic X-ray
86,998.00 78,298.20 78298.2 USD

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HDX Will Dentri Extended
84,998.00 80,748.10 80748.1 USD
Acteon X-Mind Trium 3D Cone Beam + Panoramic X-Ray
79,998.00 75,998.10 75998.1 USD
HDX Will Dentri Classic
74,998.00 71,248.10 71248.1 USD
RAYSCAN Alpha Plus
64,998.00 61,748.10 61748.1 USD
Owandy I-MAX Touch 3D Cone Beam and Panoramic X-ray
63,830.77 60,639.23 60639.23 USD
Vatech PaX-i3D Cone Beam Panoramic X-ray
58,998.00 56,048.10 56048.1 USD

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Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D Cone Beam + Panoramic X-ray
56,898.00 54,053.10 54053.1 USD
Owandy I-Max 3D Wall Mount
53,798.00 51,108.10 51108.1 USD
RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X-ray
49,998.00 47,498.10 47498.1 USD
Carestream Kodak 9000C 3D Cone Beam + Cephalometric X-ray
44,998.00 40,498.20 40498.200000000004 USD

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Carestream 9300 Select 3D Cone Beam and Panoramic X-ray
44,898.00 40,408.20 40408.200000000004 USD

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Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph® OP300
31,498.00 28,348.20 28348.2 USD

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