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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and dental professionals are now able to serve patients in ways that could not have been imagined just a few years ago. Dental technology today is truly astounding, and one of newest imaging devices, the dental cone beam, has revolutionized the way that dentists can make a diagnosis.

At Dental Planet, we pride ourselves on keeping up with these latest advances to provide dental professionals with the best equipment possible. Dental CBCT cone beams are quickly becoming one of the most important pieces of technology in dentistry, and for good reason. When standard dental or facial x rays are not good enough, this special x ray machine can generate 3-D images of a patient’s dental structure, nerve paths, bones, and other elements of the teeth and gums.

By scanning the entire dental structure from different angles while rotating 360 degrees, the machine can then transform two-dimensional information into a clear 3-D image. In a single rotation, a top-of-the-line dental cone beam can generate approximately 200 2-D images. This technology is changing the face of dentistry, helping millions of dentists to gain a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s anatomy.

Dental CBCT cone beams serve a variety of purposes, including but not limited to: cleft palate assessment, cavity diagnosis, and dental implant planning. Dental Planet carries some of the most advanced dental cone beams in the industry to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. We offer dental cone beams from trusted manufacturers, such as Carestream, Owandy, Planmecca, Vatech and more.

Call us today to find the right dental CBCT cone beam for your office. We look forward to helping you every step of the way, from purchase to servicing.

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Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph® OP300
34,998.00 34,898.00 34898.0 USD
RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray
49,998.00 49,998.00 49998.0 USD
Owandy I-Max 3D Wall Mount
53,798.00 53,798.00 53798.0 USD
Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D Cone Beam + Panoramic X Ray
56,898.00 56,898.00 56898.0 USD
Vatech PaX-i3D Cone Beam Panoramic X Ray
58,998.00 58,998.00 58998.0 USD
Owandy I-MAX Touch 3D Cone Beam and Panoramic X Ray
63,830.77 63,830.77 63830.770000000004 USD
Rayscan Alpha Plus
64,998.00 64,998.00 64998.0 USD
Owandy I-MAX Touch 3D Cone Beam + Cephalometric and Panoramic X Ray
78,446.15 78,446.15 78446.15000000001 USD
Acteon X-Mind Trium 3D Cone Beam + Panoramic X Ray
79,998.00 79,998.00 79998.0 USD
Vatech PaX-i3D Green Panoramic X-Ray
86,998.00 86,998.00 86998.0 USD
Ray America RAYSCAN S
89,998.00 89,998.00 89998.0 USD
Vatech PaXi 3D Green
94,598.00 94,598.00 94598.0 USD
Ray America RAYSCAN Studio
134,998.00 134,998.00 134998.0 USD