Equine Health

Provide the best care for your horse with the help of these equine health products from Dental Planet. Although we’re best known for our dental supplies and equipment, we also offer a wide selection of animal health supplies. This collection specifically targets horse health with a number of essential equine accessories and products. With options from some of the most trusted names in horse care, you’ll be able to take advantage of our great deals without sacrificing when it comes to quality and results. Check out the full selection of equine health products to find many must-haves for caring for a horse.

Keep Horses Healthy and Happy

Horses need a significant amount of attention and care in order to thrive. As someone who owns or tends to horses, you need access to quality supplies that makes this work easier and more effective. That’s where Dental Planet can help. Our equine health solutions cover a wide range of typical horse health needs. Use our horse grooming aids to keep their coat clean and shiny. Use fly masks and leggings to keep them comfortable in their stalls. Get quality equine feeds and supplements to tend to their nutritional needs. When health issues arise, you can find a variety of helpful products on our website, including equine vaccines, dewormers and insecticides.

Top Equine Care Brands

With so many equine health products available at Dental Planet, you’re sure to find something that can help you care for your horse. We offer products from trusted brands that are highly respected among equine veterinarians and horse owners alike, including Mane ‘n Tail, Lucerene Farms, Manna Pro and more. Our low prices on these quality horse health supplies also make it more affordable to provide the best care. Shop now to find a great selection of affordable equine health supplies at Dental Planet.


eZall Total Body Wash Green - 1 gal
28.80 28.80 28.8 USD
Zimecterin Gold- Single Dose
16.40 16.40 16.4 USD
Zimecterin Gold Display - 20 ct
334.00 334.00 334.0 USD
Zimecterin Display - 20 ct
168.00 168.00 168.0 USD

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Zimecterin Bulk - Single Dose
8.40 8.40 8.4 USD
Wind Aid - 32 oz
21.20 21.20 21.2 USD
Weight Builder Improved Formula 90 Day - 28 lb
99.99 99.99 99.99000000000001 USD
Weaver Leather Chill - 1 qt
23.40 23.40 23.400000000000002 USD
WGO Wheat Germ Oil Blend - 1 gal
16.80 16.80 16.8 USD
Vitamin E & SE - 5 lb
21.80 21.80 21.8 USD
Vita-Calm for Horses - 2 lb
15.40 15.40 15.4 USD
Vita Sorbine Iron Supplement - 1 gal
84.00 84.00 84.0 USD
Vita Plus Complete - 7.5 lb
38.00 38.00 38.0 USD