Composites and Restoratives


Composite resins have become the most widely accepted material of choice by dentist and most requested by patients because of their natural apperance and new advances in strength.  Dental Planet carries a wide selection of composite resins to choose from at great prices. To make your search easier we have divided this category into 4 sub categories: 

Composites: Dental Planet carries too many products to mention, but to name a few- Our top selling Composite is Septodents N'Durance that offers a combination of beautiful, natural translucency along along with a proven Nano Dimer Technology. Septodents Image Brush Tips and syringes as well as SDI's Image Micorhybrid  a light cured resin,that will adapt to the walls of the cavity. From SDI we carry their Rok a light cured hybrid for posterior restorations, and SDI's Shade and Tint modification kits used to improve direct composite esthetics and staining and dark spots.  SDI's Aura and Aura eASY complete sets, multipurpose, refill kits and Master Intro kits- A innovative system to save time by layering product.  SDI's Wave disposable HV & MV syringes is also light cured, highly polish, and great strenght.  SDI Glaciers and SDI ICE kits and refills are more nanohybrids.  Nanova NovaPro and Nanova Nova Universal are nanofiber technologies for high strength.

Glass Ionomers: Dental Planet carries SDI's Riva products.  SDI Riva light cure in liquids and powder kits.  is a tough, strong, packable, self cured glass ionomer restorative with true esthetics

Micro Applicators: The most requested ideal applicators for bonding agents is Microbrush Applicators Tube series, Plus Refills,  Ultrabrush, Extended Reach and Microbrush Tru series. Applicators Dental Planet carries Assorted colors, and specific colors in regular, fine, superfine, and extra thin. As well as MyDents Defend Bendable disposable Applicators, and Mydents Defend Plus Pre-Bent Dispensing. SDI's Point Disposable Brush Applicators.

Miscellaneous: Dental Planet has Crosstex's Mixing Pads that are extra heavy with a poly finish.  Use for mixing, cements, composites, rubber base material and silicates.

Septodont N'durance Syringe Dispensing Tips, 20G, 25/bg
10.20 10.20 10.200000000000001 USD